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Why Is My UFL Not Printing Correctly

Your print outs from myUFL may not render correctly or be illegible because People Soft does not support the browser print feature.

People Tools 8.5x no longer uses frames; therefore, the IE Print Preview window "Only the selected frame" does not appear.

Internet Explorer

In People Tools 8.5x for Internet Explorer, to print the requested People Soft target area:

1. Navigate to the desired page that you wish to print.

2. In IE, right mouse click on the page and select "Select All"

3. In IE, select File -> Print Preview

4. In IE's Print Preview window, in the drop down menu, select "As select on screen" and "Shrink to Fit"


For Firefox in People Tools 8.5x, you can workaround this issue by right mouse clicking on the desired page and selecting "This Frame" -> Print Frame"

Enterprise Systems has reported and opened a ticket for this issue with Oracle. The workaround provided in the FAQ was provided by Oracle. The issue occurs because People Soft no longer uses traditional frames which causes the entire contents of the browser window to be printed instead of just the content frame.


For Safari, follow these instructions:

1. Rick click in the area you wish to print.

2. Select either ‘Open frame in new window’ or ‘Open frame in new tab’

3. Go to new tab or window. Right click. Select ‘Print’.

4. Make sure the proper printer is selected along with number of copies and pages are correct.

5. Click ‘Print’.

If you're not having a rendering issue, but rather a BLACK screen shows it seems that when you try to open a report you get a blank screen, then a black or the error “IE has stopped working”:

  • Save the file to their desktop first and then open it.*

Solution for IT Department: It’s a sandbox issue with Adobe X that’s preventing them to open it. They have to either have the sandbox feature turned off (they set it to automatically disable to log in)

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