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Students Why Have I Not Received Any Official University Email

Official UF mail is sent to all students (not applicants) only at their Gator Link email address: This means that your UF Business email must be set to your Gatorlink email account.

If you determine that other students are receiving official mail that you are not receiving, check the following. Login to the myUFL Portal and select Main Menu from the menu along the top. Select My Account to open a sub-menu. Select Modify My UF Business Email to go to the My Business Email page.

If your current UF Business email address is set to anything other than your Gator Link email address, change it by typing your Gator Link username followed by into the text box and clicking Change.

  1. Do you have a Gator Link mailbox? If you are a student (not an applicant) and you are not sure if you have a Gator Link inbox, contact the Help Desk at (352) 392-HELP (4357).
  2. Visit and login to access your Exchange Online mailbox.
  3. If you are unable to determine the problem, contact the Help Desk at 392-HELP (4357).

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