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Staff Why Have I Not Received Any Official University Email

Official UF mail is sent to all staff at their "UF Business email".

If you determine that you are not receiving official mail, check the following.

  • Login to
  • From the Main Menu, select My Account, then Update My Directory Profile
  • In the UF Email field, type your Gatorlink email address (

If you have a departmental email address, you can list that as your business email. If you do not have an email account provided by the University of Florida, you can instead list a personal email address, as long as it is a mailbox you know how to check.

If your email is provided by the University of Florida as UF Faculty or Staff, you should have a UF Exchange mailbox. In most cases, this can be accessed at, though some departments maintain private logins. If you would like to have a UF Exchange mailbox but do not currently have one, you can contact your IT Local Support for assistance. If you have a mailbox, but are unable to login, you can contact the UF Computing Help Desk for assistance.

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