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My UFL Browser Requirements

Please note that these browsers are provided by the vendor as certified for use with myUFL. If your browser (or version of that browser) is not officially certified for use with myUFL, most functionality should work as expected; however, it is possible that some features may not.

End User Workstation Requirements

These settings listed below will provide the best user experience for the myUFL system ( and ensure all portal services will work as expected.

How-To Clear Cache & Cookies

Settings for best user-experience:

The following end-user browser settings provide best-use options for both the casual user of myUFL and the power user. In order to ensure optimal performance when using myUFL, we recommend following these suggested settings for web browser.

If the required browser settings are not set, it could prevent a user from accessing some of the external vendor applications, such as On Base (document management system). The user will also receive several 'secured content pop-ups' depending on the link.


  • Recommended screen resolution is 1024x768 or higher
  • Pop-ups must be turned on for
  • UF sites must be set to trusted
  • Enterprise Reporting (Cognos) does not support Internet Explorer 10, Safari 3-4 & 6 and all versions of Firefox, thus only basic functionality will result in using these browsers with this myUFL module.
  • Safari 5 support is available only for Enterprise Reporting. It is not supported for myUFL or Power Play.
  • Use of Internet Explorer may require Compatibility View within the browser for some modules in myUFL.
  • Weekly clearing of cache and cookies is strongly recommended.

If you are unable to change these settings on your workstation, you will need to contact your departmental IT to have them assist you with the changes. If you do not know who to contact for your departmental IT, please call the UF Computing Help Desk at (352) 392-4357 for assistance with finding the appropriate IT contact.

Web Browser and Client Operating System Certifications

The following combinations of web (internet) browser and versions will work with myUFL: (Mobile phone browsers are not fully supported.)

Certified BrowsersCertified Versions
Internet Explorer11
Firefox38 & 42
Safari8 & 9

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