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I Am An Alumni Why Cant I Check My Email Anymore

Q. I've been an Alumni for a while and have checked my email constantly. Why has my email suddenly disappeared?
A.UF alumni enjoy the benefits of their Gatorlink mailbox for a certain period of time after they have graduated. However, they are not aware that their mailbox, along with all important messages in it, will be deleted after an audit runs.

The University of Florida considers an alumnus to be no longer affiliated with the University after a certain time past graduation. For this reason the following happens to their mailbox, account and web space:

  1. Following graduation, the University may run an audit on inactive or unaffiliated accounts at any one point and decide to disable those mailboxes and discard of the messages.
  2. After the first audit, the user will retain access to their Gatorlink account although their email is gone. At this point, the user will still have the ability to update any accounts currently using their address so they do not lose future emails.
  3. The University may run yet another audit which disables inactive accounts completely. This includes mailbox (if it is still available), web space, and access to secure University web sites.

If you have recently graduated or are no longer affiliated with the University, it is best to backup all mail within your Gatorlink mailbox and let senders know another email address at which you can be reached. While you may retain access to the account for a long period following your lack of affiliation, it may deleted at any point.

If you have any further questions regarding your account please contact the UF Computing Help Desk at (352) 392-HELP.

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