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How Should I Enter An Employee In The UF Directory

How should I enter an employee in the UF Directory?

You must enter into myUFL's Identity Management Menu. Once there you will have the tools available to search for an employee by UFID, Last name or even Date of Birth. This is also the place where you would maintain or update their information. A few tips when entering a new employee onto the UF Directory:

  • Ensure that the user does not have a previous UFID in the UF Directory
  • Ensure that users first and last names do not contain special characters
    • A period should be not used after the middle name initial
  • Ensure that a proper affiliation is given to the new user
    • If you are unsure of what affiliation to give the user, contact the Help Desk

To be able to create a Gator Link account, you must add:

  1. Full Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Account-eligible affiliation (see: UF Affiliations Reference Table)
  4. Personal Phone Number
  5. Personal Email address

All of this information should be added at once, and within 5 minutes the user will get an email inviting them to create a Gator Link account.

If the user does not receive one, make sure they have all of the above information added and then direct them to the UF Computing Help Desk to send/resend the invitation.

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