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How Much Space Do I Get For My Gator Link Email Inbox

Exchange Online (formerly Office365

If you have an Exchange Online email account, accessed at, your storage limit is 50 GB. In addition, you may encounter the following limits:

  • Message size: 25 MB (includes attachments)
  • Deleted Items/Junk Retention: 30 days

Other account information is available at, for the Office 365 Education plan.

Gatorlink Email (

If you are instead using the Webmail system, the current inbox size limit is approximately 1 GB. If you find you're approaching this limit, it is advisable to clear space in your inbox by either deleting messages you don't need or by moving your stored messages from UF's Email servers onto either another email server (like gmail) or onto your personal computer using an email client (like Thunderbird). Please note that the size of your deleted items is included in your inbox limit.

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