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How Do I Make An On Line Submission To The Editorial Office

ETD Technical Support - Quick Links

ETD Technical Support - Submitting your Thesis/Dissertation

This tutorial shows you the steps involved in successfully submitting the PDF of your thesis/dissertation to the Editorial Office of the Graduate School: signing into GIMS (Graduate Information Management System), selecting your degree segment, and following the submission checklist.

  • Uploading your PDF
  • Uploading Support Files
  • Uploading Object Files
  • Entering Text of your Academic Abstract
  • Making sure your Title is correct
  • Entering Keywords

Signing On to GIMS (Graduate Information Management System)

Before you submit your document, make sure you review our tutorial on PDF creation. The next step is to visit the Editorial Office's ETD Submission page at the following link: When you first visit the page, you will be presented with a page that resembles the image below:

If you meet the criteria listed here you may click on the "Enter GIMS" button and begin the submission process.

If this is you have not yet created a package, you will see an option to “create” a package next to “Editorial Package.” Otherwise, you can select the “View” option to proceed to your package. Note that students pursuing multiple degrees will have multiple degree segments; you should be using the segment with an active status.

On this page you will also see options for the Title and Abstract labeled “Force Proper Case” and “Highlight Invalid Data”, respectively. “Force Proper Case” will ensure that the title meets the capitalization standard. “Highlight Invalid Data” will underline invalid text, such as misspellings and invalid symbols, for manual correction. Greek letters and symbols and other similar characters should be spelled out. Note that there are common issues with special characters in the body of the abstract. This includes superscript characters, em dashes, etc. Less obvious issues occur with the apostrophe, since Word uses a smart apostrophe. Manually replacing the apostrophe should correct this issue.

After selecting “Create,” you will be able to upload a thesis or dissertation as a PDF file; copy and paste your document Title and Abstract into the appropriate text boxes. When this is done you will be able to click on the button at the bottom of the screen to "Create Package." Once a package is generated you will see a complete record of your submission status as shown below.

You can then choose "Submit," which will allow you to upload support files and make other required modifications to your package. If you are making your first submission, you will need to upload a pdf of your sample journal article as a support file. If you are submitting a dissertation you will also need to have your transmittal letter filed electronically by your Department. PLEASE NOTE: Your Thesis/Dissertation file name will NOT change from last name - underscore - first initial. The way to insure a new file was uploaded is to check the date and time the file was uploaded. You can upload supporting objects, your sample reference article, and your UMI Form under the “Files” section, using the “Browse…” option. The upload will be completed once you select “Save,” at the bottom of the page. After your documents are uploaded and Title and Abstract have been entered, you should enter the Keywords people will use to search for your document by using the “New Keywords” text box. Selecting the plus button to the right will add your key word to your package. Note that key words should be single words or compound modifies (hyphenated).

After you have completed your edits, you will need to click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page, otherwise when you leave this page all of your changes will be lost! If you have any difficulties with uploading your document to GIMS, contact Application Support Center in any of the following ways:

Telephone: 352-392-4357 (option 5)


Visit the HUB room 132

Please note that ASC Consultants will not have the ability to view or make changes to your record, so you may also need to contact the Editorial Office for assistance with these issues.

Uploading Support Files

The support file is added under the “Files” section. As with the thesis or dissertation, you will browser to the saved file location, and select the correct file type. Again, select “Save” to complete the upload.

If needing to delete a file, you can select the “Delete” option in-line with the information for File Type, File Name, File Size, and Last Modified On fields.

Uploading Object Files

If you are including multimedia or additional files with your document as Objects you should contact the Institutional Repository at the UF Libraries Digital Collections. The main link can be found here: To gain access to the Repository use their contact page to let them know that you need access and what you intend to upload, use their contact page found here:

The IR submittal instructions are here:

The top of the page has a video, and then the instructions are beneath the video.

After an item has been submitted (with the files, or just the metadata, with the files to follow) the item will have a permanent link, which is shown on the citation page for each item, as with this example:

where the permanent link is

Use the permanent link to create the link in your Word file from the Object caption in the text of your document to the object in the Institutional Repository. Then, on the PC "Save As . . ." and choose file type of pdf (DO NOT "Print to PDF") - the save as process should preserve any links in the Word File.

Entering the Text of your Academic Abstract

This is where you get to enter the searchable text that will be associated with your document. This text (also known as 'metadata') is used by Internet search engines to find your document. Therefore when someone visits the UF Library's website and types a combination of words into their search field, your document will be one of several that is retrieved. The more keywords the person enters, the narrower the search will become. You can have as many keywords as you like, however, when entering keywords, the following rules will apply:

  • You can only use letters and numbers for your keywords.
  • All punctuation (including hyphens) will be removed.
  • Only type one word per line.
  • Enter hyphenated words as separate keywords.

When you've finished your keyword entry, press the "Save" button to save your changes. When you revisit the ETD Editorial Document Management System website, click on View Editorial E-mail to see whether your document has been "Accepted" or if modifications to your document have been requested. We hope this tutorial has been useful to you! If have you encounter difficulty with the electronic submission of your document, please feel free to contact us at, visit the Application Support Center in The Hub, Room 224 or call 392-HELP (4357), option 5.


ETD Technical Support - Re-Submitting your Thesis/Dissertation

Once your document has been reviewed and returned to you, you should review the corrections requested by your editor. If you need assistance making these corrections, you can contact the Application Support Center at (352) 392-4357 to schedule an appointment. They are located on the second floor of the Hub in room 224, and are also available for walk-in assistance. Please be aware that walk-in assistance is on a first-come, first-served basis and will likely encounter delays closer to submission deadlines.

To re-submit the document, you should again navigate to your Editorial Package by selecting "View" from the Student Profile page. Once in the package, you will select "Submit" in the upper right-hand corner to make edits, such as uploading your document, updating the abstract, or adding keywords. Once done, select "Save" at the bottom of the page to submit your updates.


Viewing Contact from the Editors

All contact from the Editorial Office should direct to your Gatorlink email account, but emails can also be viewed within the system. This system is accessed by selecting the tab for “Package Emails,” from within GIMS. “Package History” will also show past actions on the document, including changes made by the user, additions to the package, and changes in package status.


Checking Package Status

Upon successfully submitting your document, the package status should update to “Submitted – Awaiting Response from Editorial.” You can confirm submission by checking your Gatorlink email address for confirmation from the Editorial Office. These emails can also be viewed within GIMS. Other document statuses are explained below:

Incomplete - Returned from Editorial: The student’s submission does not meet the formatting requirements of the Editorial Office. Documents are commonly returned for significant errors in the main pages of the document, such as the title page, copyright page, dedications, acknowledgments, abstract, Table of Contents, List of Tables, List of Figures, List of Objects, List of Abbreviations, List of References, or Biographical Sketch. Additionally, ensure that the document follows the organization format as displayed in the template, available at If need assistance with meeting the editorial formatting requirements, you can also visit the Application Support Center, located on the second floor of the Hub in room 224.

First Submission to Editorial Office: The student’s submission has been accepted for review and is in-line to be reviewed.

Document Given to Student for Final Corrections: The assigned editor has reviewed the document and sent the student the list of requested corrections.

Final Submission: Your document has been reviewed and accepted for submission, but the package may be missing required forms. Please check your package documents recorded under “Check List” to ensure that all required forms are on file.

Final Clearance: Your document has been reviewed and accepted for submission and all required forms have been submitted for your package.


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