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How Can I Filter Spam Arriving In My Gatorlink Email Inbox

Adjusting the Spam Filters

The UF mail server uses the Proofpoint email filter to block or quarantine emails that appear to be spam. Proofpoint gives each incoming email a “spam score” based on how many typical spam characteristics it finds. Emails with very high spam scores are rejected outright by the mail server while emails with lower spam scores are usually “quarantined” to the recipient’s Proofpoint spam folder. There are more options for UF Exchange On-Premise mail users at (applicable to some staff and faculty depending on departmental support)

(Note that Gator Cloud users do not have a quarantine mailbox.)

Users receiving emails which should have been flagged as spam can forward them (with the intact headers) to Further information on this process and email headers is given at

Conversely, if emails are incorrectly flagged as spam, users can send the original message to You must submit an exact reproduction of the original message (with the sole difference of recipient address as ""). Once this email has been sent, please contact the UF Computing Help Desk with the following information:

  • Sending address
  • Time and date the email was sent
  • Subject of the email

Once this information is received, the email will be evaluated and escalated to the vendor for adjustment. Once this has been completed, you will receive an email notification that your ticket has been resolved, at which time you will be able to send the email normally.

Additional Filtering Options

Most email clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook, and Mac Mail) have built-in junk mail filtering modules that the user can employ to help manage the flow of spam to their inbox. Documentation for implementing these software filters can be found on the vendors' websites:

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