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Equation Formatting

Equations should be either centered, or left-aligned with a single standard paragraph indent. Either way, you should be consistent throughout the document. Like Figures and Tables, Equation labels should be keyed to the chapter where they are first mentioned. So (4-2) would refer to the second equation in Chapter Four. This label should NOT include the word "equation" and should be aligned with the right hand margin.

The easiest way to create this formatting is to use Word's Table Tool and create a single line, two-column table. Place the equation in the left column and the label in the right. size the columns so the left column takes most of the page and the right column has just enough room for the label. make the Table the full text width (6.5") if you are using the centered option. Make it 6.0" if you are indenting the single paragraph indent and indent the table 0.5". Place the equation in the left column and the label in the right. Use the right-aligned text setting for the label and either center or left-align the left column depending on the formatting choice you have made. Remove all borders and your equation is ready to go.

If your equation is too long to be able to fit the label on the same line, place the label on the next line (single-spaced) on the right hand margin. If the equation is too long to fit on a single line, you should be using the left-aligned, single indent option; and you should break the equation in a logical spot (usually after an operation symbol [+,-,x,/]). Indent the second and all subsequent lines an additional paragraph indent, and place the label on the right hand margin even with the last line of the equation.

Rather than repeat an equation that has already been presented, you should refer to the equation label "As demonstrated in Equation 4-2". Note that there are no parentheses around the number and use a capital "E" when referring to a specific equation (Equation 3-4). Do not use the word "see" in the textual reference, if you do the Editors will ask you to remove it.

Follow these guidelines and your equations should be in good shape!

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